Reformer Training

One of the most important training forms, the reformer brings overall strength, flexibility, coordination and balance to the body. As part of this training, we help you build a stronger back and a rock-solid midsection with focus on body alignment, posture and breathing pattern. The results lead to daily life improvements such as efficient movement, improved body posture and relief from pains. Post workout, you feel fit, rejuvenated and highly refreshed. To be honest, who doesn’t enjoy feeling confident inside out!

Suspension training

An integrated training form, suspension training delivers a fast and effective total-body workout. It increases muscular endurance, builds a solid core and significantly decreases waist circumference and body fat percentage. It is a form of multi-planar training that involves high-intensity workout with functional training. Developing body control helps lower the risk of muscle injuries and joints pains and help achieve toned and slender physique.

Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates challenges your endurance capacity. With regular sessions you can experience huge improvement in strength, posture, agility, flexibility and build toned muscles. Our sessions are designed to offer a variety of fun weight bearing exercises that break the routine movement and infuse a mix of exercises ranging from beginner, advanced to intermediary. The intent is to make your body respond and adapt to variations. We use a variety of equipment such as medicine balls, gym balls, magic circles, resistance bands, TheraBands, bosu ball etc. to tone and strengthen specific body parts including abs, abdomen and overall body imaging.

Strength training

It is a form of physical exercise with special focus on resistance to build anaerobic endurance and skeletal muscles. Our program includes a variety of techniques that increase athletic abilities, improve strength, better performance and cause the muscles to elongate while they heal.

Cardio training

Pilates combined with cardio gives remarkable results. Cardio induces fun, enjoyment and fusion in the workout. It boosts flexibility and joint mobility, builds lean muscles, lowers stress levels, increases resting metabolic rate and is an effective way to reduce the risk of stroke and overall cardiovascular mortality. We use jump boards and rebounders to build long and lean muscles. It is a must-experience for all, especially those who want to shed fat while having fun!

Body toning

Your physical body is the primary impression you give to the world. Hence, maintaining a fit and well-aligned posture is important. Our fitness program is customized to help you work from inside out with a combination of exercise, food consultation and tips on leading a healthy lifestyle. The right fusion of workout techniques can bring rejuvenation and peace to your mind, body and soul. Pilates, is a fitness training that exhibits the importance of good health and positive body awareness. Let’s face it, it always feels fabulous to be healthy and fit!